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We conduct socially and environmentally beneficial research. 

By conducting research grounded in human wellness and environmental reciprocity, we are able to add to the growing body of evidence-based literature concerning topics like regenerative wellbeing, integrative health, bio-energetic processes of relationship between humans, non-humans, and the planet. To learn more or review our research disclosures click here

Why participate in a study?


Because you and your life experiences are important and valuable.

By participating in a study about wellbeing you not only get to know more about yourself but you also get to add to the body of information utilized to help create better lives for all beings.

Volunteers and participants are always needed to help us answer important questions about things that impact health, vitality, and wellbeing. Participating in research studies or taking our polls and surveys will help add to the much-needed resources on wellbeing and improve the health of individuals, communities, and ultimately the world. Interested to know more? Drop us a line.


Non-Invasive and Non-Medical

"Non-medical research" studies do not involve any medical testing or invasive procedures. Non-medical does not mean data is not useful for a medical setting. Quite the contrary, the goal of conducting non-medical research studies is to learn more about the qualitative or experiential aspect of a thing in an attempt to answer fundamental questions of wellbeing through an experimental lens.Non-medical researchers want to learn more about subject behaviors or processes.


This focus of qualitative research is not limited to human subjects, but can also include plants, animals, and other aspects of the natural world. Non-medical researchers might also be called "social researchers," "behavioral researchers,"and/or "educational researchers."

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