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The Abigails

Meet The Abigails.

Initially we were calling just one duck Abigail but after watching them over a few weeks and how they all walk and huddle in unison it seemed like as a unit they should just all be called Abigail... while still making sure that as individuals they all had their own identity. Abigail, also known as Abigail, Albert, Delilah, Bridgette, Claudia, Amanda, Jemima, Clarice, Desdemona, Dottie, and Madeleine.

The Abigails are Silver Appleyard Ducks. Silver Appleyards are a hybrid duck "created" in the 1930s in the UK. They made their way to America in the 1960s. They resemble runner ducks in the way that they stand tall and run around in a group, but their size and bulk is similar to regular domestic ducks making them nimble yet sturdy. 

Our Abigails are the life of the party. The minute you step outside you can hear them in conversation, laughing and chatting as they wander around together. They are affable and very accepting of all the other winged residents on the farm. They're a little less excited about humans but they're slowly coming around. One characteristic which is incredibly perplexing about our Abigails is, while they might not be afraid of other birds or animals, they are certainly frightened of just about everything else, including spinach. We do our best to make sure they have a safe and enjoyable environment free from surprises that might be upsetting. So far the only thing we have found that they are not afraid of is hay. They absolutely love to play in the hay. If you're ever feeling a little out of sorts, hanging out with The Abigails for a while is sure to boost your mood. 

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