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The Farm

Our farm is comprised of our main farmhouse and barn, the pastures, gardens, greenhouses, and our experimental vineyard, plus over 300 acres of forest and field and an off-grid 'workshop'. 


There is a fundamental peace in the natural rhythm of the farm, even in the moments when things are not going quite as expected. The plants and animals have simple ways and for the most part simple needs; to be fed, housed, and kept safe and well. The day begins when it begins and ends when it ends, most typically following the rising and setting of the sun, but not always. We find that most days we have very little need of keeping time by clock or watch (or phone). The plants and animals and visiting wildlife will let us know what is most important at any given moment. 

In addition to our Farm Friends, we tend gardens, a small vineyard, and greenhouses, which could also include at any given time, monitoring and collecting data for various research projects. 

On our larger forest and field landscape, we have roughly 70 acres of field that we hay each year, as well as forest and wetland to preserve and protect. 

Our off-grid workshop is a work in progress, a small early century farmhouse with only the amenities that it was initially built with. It's the place we get to experiment with progressive sustainability and complete detachment from modern utility. Sign up for our blog or follow us on Social Media to learn more about these projects and our other research. 

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