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Moolietta and Mirabelle are miniature Hereford cows. They are mother and daughter. Miniature Herefords are, in general, quite docile and adaptable. They are also very hardy, which helps them get the through the cold Vermont winters. When they first arrived at Stone Lions Farm, they were pretty stressed out and not at all used to humans being caring and kind. Over the time that they have been here we have watched them relax and blossom. They love massages and snacks and their best friends are Jack and Clyde. It is quite a sight to see them all hanging out together in the pasture. 


Moolietta (MooMoo)

MooMoo is 10 years old. She has had a calf every year of those 10 years. Finally, in this final year of calving, she and her daughter were able to stay together and make a life here on the farm. MooMoo was pretty docile when she arrived, but she didn't like being touched. Now her favorite thing is getting a massage. Moo has very wise eyes, and we can only imagine what she has seen in her day. We're so happy she is here. 


Mirabelle (MiMi)

Mimi is MooMoo's daughter. She's feisty and fierce...but in a good way. When she first came here, we couldn't get near her, she would hide behind mom or run away. Now she loves having her face and ears scratched while she gets a snack. It's pure joy to see her kick up her heals and run around the pasture just for the fun of it. It seems like her best buddy besides her mom is Jack, which absolutely warms the heart. 

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