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Our Bunnies

Oh my goodness, what's not to love about fluffy bunnies??? We started out with a momma bunny, who we promptly named Bunny Mama, and her three littles, who we called Jacqueline, Pierre, and Emilie. We were smart enough to know we needed to keep the boys and girls separate, which we thought we did, until Jacqueline became Jacque and Emilie became a mama. It's been a bit of a learning curve with these fluffy buns. We now have Bunny Mama, Jacque, Pierre, Emilie, Stretch, Chomper, Lyle, and Steve. Chomper is the one sitting in the bowl eating while his siblings try to eat around him. 

The bunnies are New Zealand White Rabbits. Typically raised for food, fur, and animal research.  We are so happy our bunnies have a safe and happy home for however long their lives may be. 

New Zealand White Rabbits are a breed of American rabbit, despite the name. And as near as we can tell, they are intelligent, inquisitive, adventurous, lovable, and completely delightful with all of their shenanigans. 

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