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Baby Duck

Baby Duck wandered into our lives shortly after we began creating the farm. Initially she would randomly visit from somewhere across the road. Each summer evening would find us monitoring traffic and making sure she got safely home. We met many of our neighbors this way, which is why we call her the ambassador. This continued well into the autumn, until one day Baby Duck decided to stay. Her people from across the road were happy she was going to be well taken care of and we were happy she chose us as a place of residence. She still occasionally wanders back and forth but for the most part is happy to make her way into the pasture and paddle in our pond, befriending the wild geese and ducks.

Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Ducks are the only breed of domesticated duck that is not derived from the Mallard. They are genetically related to geese as well, and typically display behavior more like a goose than a duck. 

They tend to be very quiet ducks, except when excited or upset when they will make a sound almost like a squeak or will hiss. We've not heard Baby Duck hiss but we certainly hear her happy little squeaks throughout the day. 

Favorite Pastimes

Visiting the back porch for grubblies and scratch. She will adamantly let you know with a little nudge to your boot if she's feeling neglected and in need of a snack. 

Bathing in her little bucket or out at the pond. 

Chasing around The Abigails and the hens. 

Visiting with the migrating Geese. 

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