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About Us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

What a gift to be able to throw our hearts and souls into creating an environment dedicated to researching and learning about harmonious and regenerative well-being for ourselves, our community, and the natural world.

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Our Story

Once upon a time, some people who love the world dreamed of having a farm. They wanted their farm to be a place where all kinds of people could come together and learn about connection. Connection with nature, connection with animals and other species on the planet, connection with each other, and most importantly, connection with themselves.

They wanted to participate in small-scale experimental farming and habitat enrichment while also producing sustainable food, herbs, and flowers for the farm, their community, and beyond.

They wanted to explore and uphold the ecological principles underlying resilient and sustainable agriculture, animal wellbeing, and pollinator habitat cultivation all the while inspiring other people to join in, participate, and explore the possibilities of a more connected life.

They also wanted to be sure that their farm was a place that embraced the whimsical as well as the practical, feeding the soul as well as the body and mind.


One day, an amazing thing happened. A good fairy came into their lives and said, I know just the place for you. And tapping her chin three times she pointed them towards a field, and at the edge of this field was a giant rock. Now this rock was not just any rock, it hummed with potential and begged for stories to be told and dreams to be revealed.


So the people sat and began their tale with "Once upon a time..." and the Story Rock came to life and led them to the Stone Lions, where they were able to build their dream. 

Our Team

Our Dream Team is comprised of a blend of both organizations esteemed Board of Directors, a dedicated team of professionals who guide and support the vision and mission of Stone Lions Farm and our Direct Service Providers, the ones who deliver the mission from the ground up.

Advisory Board

Dr. Paul Dunn

JoAnne Dolle Daris

Direct Service Providers

Our Direct Service Providers are those individuals who provide boots on ground as well as online support and structure. Creating and delivering programming, helping out on the farm, teaching, conducting research, all the things that keep us going are examples of what our DSP's do. 

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