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Curry and Peanut Butter are the newest editions to the Stone Lions Farm family. They are mixed breed turkeys; a blend of Royal Palm and Red Bourbon. Sounds like a delicious take-out....hence their names. They were just a couple of weeks old when they ended up here and they are still acclimating. 

Things we didn't know about turkeys but found out quickly upon arrival: 

They can fly almost as soon as they're born. By two weeks of age they can fly 20 feet high and travel a distance of about 40 feet incredibly quickly.

They like music and sometimes when we have soft music playing in the barn, you can hear them making their distinctive R2D2 sounds in rhythm to the music. 

They like to roost as high as possible, even when they are very young. 

They look like mythical harpies when they're a couple months old. 

They are very inquisitive from a distance, turning their heads this way and that to watch what is going on, and chirruping to each other. 


We're sure there is more to discover, but at the moment that is enough to keep us on our toes. They're still not used to us but I'm sure in time we will all be one big happy family. 

More to come on these two delightful beings....

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