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The Boys

Jack and Clyde are the quintessential stars of the farm. We've been told that their presence out in the pasture as you wind your way up the road towards the farm warms the heart, setting the tone for visitors and guests. We think so too. Their majestic beauty inspires the desire to breathe, reflect, and connect, and when they decide to take a run around the pasture, just for the joy of it, their thundering hooves and flying manes and tails are breathtaking. 


Jack is a curly haired Belgian Draft. We joke that he always looks like he just spent the day at the beach surfing. Jack comes to Stone Lions Farm as sort of a rescue from another farm. He's only 13 years old and he's spent most of those years working a hard and not too friendly life. Consequently, Jack has needed ALOT of kindness and care to help him feel secure enough to get over his severe anxiety and distrust of humans. Each day is personality comes out more and more and we find Jack to be super intelligent, hilariously crafty, and always up for some shenanigans. He especially loves Mimi and Clyde. 


Clyde is a Belgian Draft Horse. Before coming to Stone Lions Farm, he worked as part of a team where he helped with plowing, logging, pulling carriages, hitches and sleigh and sometimes subbed on trail rides. Clyde is the epitome of the gentle giant. Easy going and smooth. And now it's time for him to retire, so he gets to spend the rest of his days here at the farm taking life easy. 

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