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We are always looking for volunteers for the farm and for research. Check out our research schedule for more information and/or drop us a line. 

Did you know we keep a time and craft bank? When you volunteer you can build up credit for time to use towards classes and events or selected items in the shop. Here for more info

Farm Schedule

While there is always activity going on at the farm, there are regularly schedule activities and events that you can participate in, as well as, Open Farm Hours. Please note: all events and courses require registration. We are a working farm, if you'd like to visit outside of Open Farm Hours, please reach out and arrange a time with us. 

Open Farm Hours

Every 1st Wednesday from 11am - 2pm starting in June. Sign in when you get here and we will let you know what we have going on that day. 


Art on the Farm

Starting in June,  join us at noon every 3rd Sunday for group art. Bring your own project or join in with what we have going on. Creating beauty together feeds the soul. Check the calendar for more specific information.

Books in the Barn!

Starting in June, Sunday afternoons between 2-4pm and Wednesdays between 11am-2pm. Our animals love a good story!  Make sure to register in advance. 

If you'd like to come read to the barn any other day or time, reach out to us to find out how. 

Mindfulness Monday

Starting in June - Mondays at 10am.

Whether we are mindfully connecting with some of our farm friends or spending time in quiet contemplation together, you will find a sense of peace as part of our mindfulness group. You can visit the farm or join in wherever you are. 

Book Club

We love to read! And we love to discuss what we're reading! What better way to feed that passion than start a book club. Our first book pick starts in June. Stay tuned for more information. 

Summer Story Camp!

Join us in August for Story Camp. We have a kids camp and an adults camp! Stay tuned for more information. 

Simple Somatics

Summer Sundays at 11am (June - September) Join us for an hour of simple movement together, whether it's Qigong, Tai Chi, or other breathing and movement, it's a perfect chance to reconnect with yourself. We will meet In the barn or in the gardens depending on the weather. 

Yoga on the Farm

Yoga with the lambs, or in the barn, or in the vineyard, or with the cows, or who knows what??? Moving mindfully, expanding, breathing, and enhancing our well-being in the presence of our human and non-human friends is totally fulfilling. 

Classes start in the summer. Stay tuned for more information. 



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