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Distance Healing and Non-Human Subjects

An Exploration of the Living Experience of
Practicing Distance Healing on Non-Human Subjects

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Call for Participants 

We're looking for people who want to make a difference. This research study explores the influence of distance healing on the well-being of both the sender and receiver. This study aims to investigate the potential benefits of remote energy healing practices in promoting well-being and health.

Study Details:

  • Participants will be provided with distance healing protocols to perform on their non-human subjects.

  • The study will involve a pre-intervention reflection, followed by a designated period of distance healing, and concluding with a post-intervention reflection.

  • Participants are requested to keep a detailed log of their distance healing sessions. More direction and guidelines will be provided during overview at the onset of the study. 

Why Participate? 

By joining this study, you contribute to advancing scientific knowledge on the potential benefits of practicing Distance Healing for wellbeing. Participants will have the opportunity to: 

This study is on going. 
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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Participants must be over 18 years of age.

  • Access to a non-human subject (pet, farm animal, etc.) will be provided.

  • Commitment to follow the study protocol for a specified duration.

  • Participants do not need to be experienced in distance healing. 


Yes, I want to be a part of this
important research journey.  

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Contact Information:

For inquiries or more information, please contact Dr. Stephanie Shelburne 

Let's explore the living experience of Distance Healing.

Your participation could pave the way for new insights into holistic wellness practices.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to contribute to scientific research and the influence of distance healing on both the practitioner and receiver. 


The Research Team at Stone Lions Farm

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