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Visit the Farm Shop

 We like to think our Farm Shop and Learning Hub is unique in that, first and foremost the focus is on connection. Whether your visit includes a cup of specially blended tea, in-house roasted coffee, or nourishing tidbit to sample, we’re hoping you experience the welcoming sense of belonging from the moment you the door. 

As a Learning Hub, you can join conversations, classes, workshops, or enjoy some alone time in our book swap corner. Check out our calendar, sign up for our mailing list, or follow us on social media (or all three) to find out more about specific events and offerings. 

The Shop

As a Farm Shop, we have reimagined the conventional. Think apothecary, spice market, community hub, and chocolat. Our shelves hold organic herbs and spices for unique blending to nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

Have a question? A big part of our expertise lies in herbal and plant based medicine, so feel free to ask.  

We have freshly roasted coffee on hand (roasted in-house) and when available baked/prepared treats and other delights. Additionally, you can find things like Vermont Maple Syrup and nature based art from our landscape, both functional and fantastical.

Our shelves reflect that we like to support the activities of local growing and production of healthful and nourishing foods. Our products contain fresh flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables from our own landscape and/or the surrounding community.

And we have a refillery. 



Reduce, Re-use, REFILL

What is a refillery? A refillery is designed to help you reduce your single-use plastic consumption by offering the option to reuse and refill your own containers again and again with household and personal care products.

At the farm shop we carry a variety of bulk goods, from shampoos and conditioners to dishwashing powder and laundry soap. All products are bio-degradable and sustainably produced. Bring your own container or pick up one from us and use it again and again. 

Art Cooperative

Creativity, curiosity, and whimsy carry powerful healing potential. In addition to facilitating opportunities to engage in numinous creativity, we also have a dream of connecting with the creative community that surrounds us. Cultivating a network with other artisans, crafters, creators, musicians, makers, throughout the community and beyond, brings with it the power to nurture and heal not only the individual but society as a whole. 

We are happy to highlight the work of local artists, host art classes/workshops, and even provide the potential for studio time in the upper floors of our barn. 

Jar Exchange

Most of our bulk products, baked goods, teas, and coffees come in jars. Yep, baked goods in jars... cakes baked in a jar are amazingly delicious, you'll have to try one. As part of the reduce, reuse, refill concept we have a jar exchange in place.


The initial price of any jarred product includes a minimal price for the jar, that you can then later return for credit towards another purchase, or reuse/refill. 

Ask us more about it, when you stop by. 

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